Friday, July 5, 2013

stories of kindess

So I have mentioned that this blog is to represent and show the good, the positive, and the kindess in the world.  Well to do that I have decided to find stories and tales of selfless acts of kindess.  Some of these stories I found on a facebook page called “One Spark Foundation”.  They are a non profit organization that also seeks to promote kindess and the good in the world.  Cause as they say, It only takes one spark can start a fire.

Here are some stories from the “One Spark Foundation”.

My husband and I were in Walmart in line today and there was an elderly lady in front of us, we just had a few things and she had quite a few so she offered for us to go before her, I said that was okay but she insisted. So we did, I turned and thanked her and asked her if anyone had given her a hug today and she said no, I said could I? She said yes, I hugged her she kissed my cheek and said God Bless you, I said now could I help you unload your groceries? I unloaded her groceries and we chatted. A feel good moment for us both, what a sweetie!         - Unknown

        (Blogger Notes: A show of kindness from both sides of the fence.  It was sweet of that older woman to allow this couple ahead of them in line and even nice of the Lady in the story to hug the elderly woman and unload her groceries for her. Good Feelings all around!)

A lesson learned.

Me and my children would always feed a homeless man outside of a convenience store. I'd run in and grab one of a few things. Chips and a sandwich, drink etc. We would always hand the bag of stuff to him and walk away. After a few times, we decided to stop and actually speak to him instead of just handing him food. I asked him if there was anything in particular that he'd like and he said he couldn't eat the chips I had been getting him because he didn't have teeth. Whoops! So I asked him what he'd like from Burger King. He said anything I got would be fine but he couldn't chew lettuce and couldn't have tomatoes because of his ulcer. Just a tip to take a moment to ask them what they'd like to eat. I know it's the thought that counts but a hungry tummy needs something they can actually eat. Lesson learned. We stopped at this store every time we saw that he was there and he told us his name was Spirit. I look for Spirit every day.                -Unknown

        (Blogger Notes: Even though your intentions may be great, it never hurts to ask for if someone needs help or if they prefer one thing over another.  I really like what this person and their children have done for the homeless man known as Spirit.  It is the small things like these that restore my faith in humanity.)

About 5 years ago I was in the airport to see my then 11 yr old off to see her Dad. I had all 4 of my children with me, 2 of whom were toddlers. My daughter missed her flight and we were stuck in the airport waiting on standby. I didn't have any $, not even a dollar to feed my kids. I called my Mom and was crying bcuz I didn't know what I was going to do and a lady sitting behind me overheard my conversation and offered to help. Our kids had been playing together and she said she understood how challenging sitting in the airport all day with 3 children under 5 could be. She gave $20 to feed my babies and I will NEVER forget that act of kindness! It brings tears to my eyes still bcuz I don't know what I would've done had she not helped me out.             -Unknown

        (Blogger Notes: I have had something similar to this happen to me years ago only i didnt have children at the time.  But that isnt this story.  It makes me glad to see something like this does happen in the world.)

I wanted to share a story. My daughter who was five at the time wanted one of those light up pillow pets for months and I finally told her next week id get her one well as life is something came up and I couldnt but I took her to wal-mart to pick a cheaper toy. When she saw the pillow pet she didn't throw a fit she just cried softly. It broke my heart and I started to cry. Well a wal mart worker came by and I asked of there was a smaller cheaper one she saod no and left but then came back and handed me the money to buy it for her. I cried and cried and thanked her. I'm always doing nice things never expecting to receive back. It was nice and she still sleeps with it now          -Unknown

        (Blogger Notes: Little things like this help restore my faith in humanity.  I have been in both the childs place and the parents place in this situation.  It is heartbreaking no matter which way you go about it.)

    All of these are stories that was shared on the “One Spark Foundation” facebook page.  And I thank them for allowing me to use some of their stories of acts of selflessness and kindness. 

 But there is one other story I would really like the share.  Some of you made have already heard of him and his story.  I wish to share the story of Mike Patterson.

    Mike Patterson was 43 years old.  When he saw a 4 year old girl by the name of Jevaeh Jones struggling to stave above water.  When Patterson dove in headfirst to save the girl he severed his spinal cord paralyzing himself from the chest down.  Patterson would spend the next several weeks in the hospital with serious injuries only for him to die due to his injuries.  The little girl survived the ordeal unscathed.

This man did something for someone he didnt know because he saw a little girl struggling to stay above the surface of the water.  He gave his life so that child could live.  That is the most selfless thing I could think of anyone doing.  Giving their life so another may have one.  My Prayers and thoughts have been with Mike Patterson and his family since I first heard his amazing story.

Acts of kindness and selflessness come in all shapes and forms.  From a simple gesture to something as big as diving in to save a little girl from drowning.

If you have a story to share.  One of random kindess that has been gifted towards you please share it!  the more kindness there is the better it will be.  Pass the good word and be kind!

        -Information about Mike Patterson taken from, Friends of Mike Patterson, Huffington Post, and The Inquisitr.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

it starts

I have tried and tried and tried to get a blog going from thinking of doing one based around raising my daughters to one that had to do with my faith.  Neither of which have been successful.  I recently have toyed with the idea of basing a blog around being the wife of a rising author.  Once more I couldn’t come up with anything that would be worth writing about.  Then tonight it occured to me that I am a nice and friendly person, and I pride myself on it.  And yes I am aware anyone can be friendly or nice.  anyone can do these things and I agree.  Anyone can do it.  but not enough people are nice or kind or friendly.

Today’s world is filled with anger, violence, hate, and death.  Kids all around the world; in the good old U.S.of.A. to third world countries, are starving or dying of some disease!  Between the ongoing war, and natural disasters there is a lot of bad out there.  Among all the bad it is really hard to find a beacon of kindness.

I have decided that as one of these few truly kind people I am going to stand as bleek glimpse of friendliness.  Something or someone to continue to remind the world that it is up to each and every individual to create the kind world we all desire. That world of peace and happiness that we all seem to complain to want but we are just as mean as the person next door (Myself included).

No just because I am promoting being a friendly or kind person doesn’t mean that you should allow others to just walk all over you and being a doormat.  There is a difference between being a nice and friendly person and being a total pushover.  I do feel we should help others but once it goes from helping others to being used by others it is time to draw a line.  But that is a conversation piece for another day.

So now I am ask you, the readers, what do you think it means to be kind or friendly?  What does it take in your mind for someone to be ‘labeled’ as friendly, kind, nice, or helpful?  Your anwsers will help shape the next blog!