Tuesday, July 2, 2013

it starts

I have tried and tried and tried to get a blog going from thinking of doing one based around raising my daughters to one that had to do with my faith.  Neither of which have been successful.  I recently have toyed with the idea of basing a blog around being the wife of a rising author.  Once more I couldn’t come up with anything that would be worth writing about.  Then tonight it occured to me that I am a nice and friendly person, and I pride myself on it.  And yes I am aware anyone can be friendly or nice.  anyone can do these things and I agree.  Anyone can do it.  but not enough people are nice or kind or friendly.

Today’s world is filled with anger, violence, hate, and death.  Kids all around the world; in the good old U.S.of.A. to third world countries, are starving or dying of some disease!  Between the ongoing war, and natural disasters there is a lot of bad out there.  Among all the bad it is really hard to find a beacon of kindness.

I have decided that as one of these few truly kind people I am going to stand as bleek glimpse of friendliness.  Something or someone to continue to remind the world that it is up to each and every individual to create the kind world we all desire. That world of peace and happiness that we all seem to complain to want but we are just as mean as the person next door (Myself included).

No just because I am promoting being a friendly or kind person doesn’t mean that you should allow others to just walk all over you and being a doormat.  There is a difference between being a nice and friendly person and being a total pushover.  I do feel we should help others but once it goes from helping others to being used by others it is time to draw a line.  But that is a conversation piece for another day.

So now I am ask you, the readers, what do you think it means to be kind or friendly?  What does it take in your mind for someone to be ‘labeled’ as friendly, kind, nice, or helpful?  Your anwsers will help shape the next blog!

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